White Estate Visitor Center

White Estate Visitor Center

Welcome to the Ellen G. White Estate Visitor Center

Experience Your Amazing Adventist Heritage through interactive electronic displays, rare historic artifacts, and other eye-opening exhibits at the Ellen G. White Estate’s Visitor’s Center!

Things to do at the Estate's Visitor Center:

•     Hold a BIG 18th century Bible (and see the original that Ellen White held up in vision).
•     See a Russian typewriter used to type illegal religious materials.
•     Take a selfie with the White family.
•     Would you qualify to be Ellen White’s secretary? Take the test!
•     Learn how a message goes from Vision to the Printed Page!
•     Meet Ellen White the teenager, speaker, mother, health reformer, educator, missionary, and prophet.
•     Check out a model of the Morning Star steamboat.
•     Watch as the Christ of the Narrow Way mural comes to life before your eyes.

•     Panorama view: http://ellenwhite.org/content/news/white-estate-visitors-center-panorama

And much, much more!

Planning your Visit

The Ellen G. White Visitor’s Center is located in the world headquarters of the 
Seventh-day Adventist Church. Tours can be scheduled Monday through Thursday.
The building is closed on Fridays, and weekends.  

For more information or to schedule at tour contact us.

Phone: +1 301-680-6540

E-mail: garciar@gc.adventist.org or mail@whiteestate.org

Hours: Monday -- Thursday, 9:00am to 5:00pm


Ellen G. White Estate
12501 Old Columbia Pike
Silver Spring, Maryland, 20904
United States of America