"Go and Solicit Money"

June 1874

But how could James gain both the moral and financial support of the constituency east of the Plains? He felt he could not go east and leave the newly started journal unattended. The Whites agonized in prayer over this matter.

While [we were] bowed before God in prayer in an upper chamber, the blessing of the Lord came upon us in such a manner that duty was made plain. It was as if an audible voice said, "Go [east] to the churches and solicit money from those whom I have made stewards of means" (MS 62, 1895).

James and Ellen had rarely been separated. Here was a crisis indeed! But now they were convinced it was the will of God for Ellen to travel east, seeking support. James wept aloud and said, "Ellen, you must go. I dare not withstand the Lord. You must go. But what shall I do without you?" (ibid.).

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