The Meeting in Bloomfield

April 1874

At the quarterly meeting that began in Bloomfield on April 24, Ellen urged the workers "not to pitch their tents in the smallest places." Writing to Edson and Emma about the meeting, she said, "We wished to know whether they would hug the shore or launch into the deep and let down their nets for a draught of fish in the deep waters. . . . San Francisco and Oakland, Santa Clara,San Jose (which is pronounced Sanas A) are large, influential cities. . . . We have a great and important work before us" (letter 23, 1874).

The ideas of our brethren have been too narrow and the work too limited. We told them if they were not calculating to do more the present tent season than heretofore, we wished to return east and attend the camp meetings. They should not pitch their tents in the smallest places, but imitate the example of Christ. He placed Himself in the great thoroughfares of travel where people were going to and from all nations of the world, and here in a most impressive manner did He give His lessons upon important truth (ibid.).