Ministry in the Bay Area

January 1876 - March 1876

In January, February, and March 1876, James and Ellen White ministered to the churches in the Bay areaóOakland, with 80 members, and San Francisco, with somewhat fewer.

The San Francisco church had moved ahead in building a house of worship on Laguna Street. O. B. Jones, the very capable builder whom James White had brought from Battle Creek to erect a building for the Pacific Press, was asked to construct the San Francisco house of worship. J. N. Loughborough, president of the California Conference, wrote in describing the progress in San Francisco:

This church one year since regarded it almost an impossibility to build a house of worship; but the house is now erected, and the basement rented for a sufficient sum to meet all the interest on the money it was necessary to hire to complete the house (ST, Jan. 6, 1876).