The Whites in Oakland

01 May 1874

Ellen White had called for something to be done "now." Her appeal set the workers on fire for God. A few days later James and Ellen were on their way to Oakland, prepared to set up headquarters there. Thursday the tent was up in the heart of the city, and that night Cornell preached on spiritualism. There was a keen interest in the subject because of spirit manifestations in the city. James White had rented the "Fountain Farm" four miles (six kilometers) from the city, and Ellen White and two young men were giving the eight-room house (letter 19h, 1874) a thorough cleaning. Friday afternoon, May 1, they moved in. Lucinda Hall and the Walling children were with them (letter 19f, 1874).

A few days later Ellen White, in a letter to Willie, described their rented residence:

We are now getting settled in our new home four miles [six kilometers] from the city. It is rural here. There was once a very good "water cure" upon this place. The large three-story house is standing desolate, shattered and dilapidated. We live in a neat square house a few rods from this building. We have not got settled as yet, but we shall soon. This is a very pleasant place to live. There are trees and flowers; no fruit, but our neighbors have fruit in abundance, so we can purchase of them (letter 26, 1874).

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