Did someone sneak Trinity statements into Ellen White’s books?

It saddens me to see how people will try to discredit the published writings of Mrs. White when those writings do not agree with their own ideas. Elder Froom had no authority to alter the writings of Mrs. White after her death, and the trustees, including W. C. White, and Arthur L. White after him, did not permit such things to take place.

You are probably aware of a collection of statements with bearing on the Trinity issue that appears in the book Evangelism, on pages 613–617. One of those statements, on the divinity and personality of the Holy Spirit, appears on pages 616, 617. Those who deny the Trinity doctrine typically say that the Holy Spirit is not a Person, an individual Member of the Godhead; rather, He is some expression of the power or personality of God. Mrs. White’s statement clearly differs from that view.

Did she write it? You can see it in her own handwriting on our Web site. From the homepage, click on “From the Vault” in the lower right corner. Then scroll down to the bottom of the current feature to find the previous features accessible there. Click on the “Blank Diary/Journals” link, and it will take you to a picture of this material in Mrs. White’s own handwriting. Click on the picture to enlarge it for easier reading. It didn’t come from Elder Froom.

I am sorry that you are faced with this difficulty. May the Lord give you grace to uphold truth and to do so in the proper spirit.

(“Question About Writings Being Changed [2]”)

Is it possible to see other quotes in the original? I’m referring to the other quotes given in Evangelism: Special Testimonies, series B, number 7, pages 62, 63: “There are three living Persons of the heavenly trio”; Manuscript 66, 1899: “We need to realize that the Holy Spirit who is as much a person as God is a person is walking through these grounds”; Special Testimonies, series A, number 10, page 37 (1897): “Held in check by the power of God in the third person of the Godhead, the Holy Spirit”; Special Testimonies, series B, number 7, page 51: “We are to cooperate with the three highest powers in heaven.”

You need to recognize the nature of what you are trying to do. Those who make such a life-and-death issue of the Trinity question must construct a conspiracy theory in order to maintain their belief. In this case, they are convinced that Elder Froom is the main conspirator who has altered Mrs. White’s writings so that one cannot believe the printed materials. It is impossible to disprove a conspiracy because those who wish to believe in it simply widen the conspiracy to include those who show them contrary evidence. In their view, it is all tainted. What cannot be wrong is their own idea.

Some of what you have asked for, of course, is published material. Special Testimonies, series B, number 7, was published in 1906 and is photoreproduced in the Series B volume published by Leaves-of-Autumn Books. I mention this because Elder Froom was born in 1890, and at the time this material was first published he was sixteen years old. It is quite clear that he didn’t alter it then, and what appears in Evangelism reflects word for word what was published in that tract in 1906. I have verified the quotations you asked about from pages 51, 62, and 63 myself, as anyone can do with the Leaves-of-Autumn reprint volume. I have also verified the quote you asked about from series A, number 10, page 37. You have quoted it exactly as it appears there. As you indicated, this was published in 1897. Elder Froom was seven years old at the time. See also the preceding question and answer.