Why hasn’t everything Ellen White wrote been published?

The White Estate has begun a lengthy project of publishing Mrs. White’s complete letter and manuscript file. Much of it has already seen publication in the works she issued while she lived and in the compilations the White Estate has brought out since her death. But the current project will publish the items sequentially and intact, with annotations to help the reader know who is being written to, who is mentioned, and what the situation may be, as far as we can determine. The first volume, covering materials from 1845 to 1859, may be out as early as 2009. Subsequent volumes are to follow.

You asked why it wasn’t all published before. Mrs. White never intended for all of these materials to be published. Some of them deal quite frankly with the failings of others—something she didn’t wish to make public. Over the years, many of these have seen publication anyway, but without indentifying the people involved. At this point, though, enough time has gone by that it is unlikely anyone will be hurt by the publication of these things, and their instruction may very well help in some situations.

Another reason the White Estate hasn’t published everything before this is that the materials contain substantial duplication: counsel that she wrote to one person she might also have written to another, and publishing is expensive. Even so, we feel that the publication of all that she wrote will be worth doing—printing her counsel intact and accompanied by annotations.