George Wood

(1867-1944). Pioneer Seventh-day Adventist worker in Indonesia. He was born in England, but later lived in Australia. He received his early training in Church of England schools. In 1898 he was baptized in a Baptist church. In 1899 he attended Avondale School for Christian Workers and later worked as a colporteur and taught school. Between 1906 and 1908 he took nurse’s training at Sydney Sanitarium. In 1909 he went to Surabaja, Java, as one of the pioneer SDA workers in the East Indies. Later he preached and taught school at Padang, southern Sumatra (1919-1923); directed the SDA work in that area (1923-1926); and preached and led the work (as acting director) in eastern Java (1927-1930), and in Batakland, northern Sumatra (1930-1935). He was ordained to the ministry about 1921. His wife,...

From the Seventh-day Adventist Encyclopedia. Published with permission from the Review and Herald Publishing Association.

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