Julius Boettcher

(1865-1931). Minister, administrator. He was born in Lindenwerder, Germany, and at the age of 14 was confirmed a member of the Lutheran Church. He came to the United States in 1881. Influenced by his sister and W. B. Hill, he accepted the Seventh-day Adventist faith in 1885. He spent the school year 1885-1886 in Battle Creek College and began preaching in the Ohio Conference. In 1889 he accepted a call to work in Germany. In 1890 he was ordained in Oberweil, Switzerland. In 1894 Boettcher returned to America. For a short time he carried on evangelistic work in Minnesota and Ohio, then became head of the German Department in Union College, where he remained for seven years. In 1901 he was invited to return to Europe as president of the German-Swiss Conference, transferring in 1905 to the So...

From the Seventh-day Adventist Encyclopedia. Published with permission from the Review and Herald Publishing Association.

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