1. 251. Enoch Jacobs

    ( fl. 1845). A non-Sabbatarian Adventist, a one-time Methodist Protestant minister, editor of the Day-Star at Cincinnati. After the passing of Oct. ...
  2. 252. Eli Curtis

    ( fl. 1845-1851). A Millerite of New York City who wrote articles in the Day-Dawn (Canandaigua, New York) and the Day-Star (Cincinnati, Ohio), and published at least two ephemeral sheets of his own in ...
  3. 254. John P. Kellogg

    (1807-1881). Cofounder of institutions. The father of Dr. Merritt Kellogg; Dr. John Harvey Kellogg; Will K. Kellogg, the cornflake king; and 13 other children. ...
  4. 255. Samuel Rhodes

    (1813-1883). One of the members of the publishing committee of the Advent Review and designer of the first Seventh-day Adventist prophetic chart (1850). ...
  5. 257. Robert Harmon

    Father of Ellen G. (Harmon) White
  6. 258. Oliver Mears

    (1820-1913). The first president of the Ohio Conference (1863-1866). He was a farmer and made no profession of religion until he became a Seventh-day Adventist about 1858. ...
  7. 260. Sarah Belden

    Elder Sister of Ellen G. (Harmon) White
  8. 261. Martha Amadon

    (1834-1937). The eldest daughter of John Byington, the first teacher of a school established at Buck’s Bridge, New York, by her father in 1853, which is held to be the first school organized for Sev ...
  9. 262. Franklin Belden

    (1858-1945). Publishing house worker and songwriter, nephew of Ellen G. White. With Edwin Barnes he was musical editor of Hymns and Tunes (1886); later he was a superintendent at the Review and Herald ...
  10. 263. Caroline Clough

    A sister of Ellen G. (Harmon) White, 15 years her senior. Mother of Mary L. Clough.
  11. 264. Arthur Daniells

    (1858-1935). Minister and administrator. He was born in Iowa, the son of a Union Army physician and surgeon, who died in the Civil War. ...
  12. 265. William Glenn

    (1837-1906). Publishing administrator and editor. He was born and educated in Pennsylvania, but while quite young went to the frontier territories of Kansas and Nebraska, where he kept a general store ...
  13. 266. Samuel Foss

    Brother-in-law of Ellen Gould (Harmon) White and husband of Mary Foss.
  14. 267. Archibald Henry

    (1839-1909). Treasurer of the General Conference (1883-1888) and a financial officer and adviser of many early Seventh-day Adventist institutions, such as the Central SDA Publishing Association, Healt ...
  15. 268. Leroy Nicola

    (1856-1940). Minister, secretary of the General Conference, secretary and treasurer of the International Tract Society. ...
  16. 270. Willard Colcord

    (1860-1935). Minister, editor. Educated at Battle Creek College, he preached in Iowa (1886-1888) and engaged in editorial work for the General Conference (1888-1893). ...
  17. 272. William Prescott

    (1855-1944). Educator and administrator. His parents were Millerites in New England. He was educated at South Berwick Academy, Maine, and Dartmouth College, where he graduated in 1877. ...
  18. 273. Margaret Caro

    (1848-1938). Dentist, Bible instructor. Born in Wellington, New Zealand, she accepted the Seventh-day Adventist message under the evangelistic ministry of A. G. Daniells in 1888. ...
  19. 274. Edward Hare

    (1847-1948). First colporteur leader in New Zealand. Probably the first to accept the Seventh-day Adventist faith in New Zealand, he was taught the SDA doctrines by S. N. ...


Enoch Jacobs

Eli Curtis


John P. Kellogg

Samuel Rhodes

Mary Loughborough

Robert Harmon

Oliver Mears

Stephen Belden

Sarah Belden

Martha Amadon

Franklin Belden

Caroline Clough

Arthur Daniells

William Glenn

Samuel Foss

Archibald Henry

Leroy Nicola

Ira Abbey

Willard Colcord

Joseph Hare

William Prescott

Margaret Caro

Edward Hare

Emily Campbell