1. 276. Robert Hare

    (1858-1953). Member of a pioneer Seventh-day Adventist family in New Zealand, veteran evangelist, poet, writer, and editor in Australia and New Zealand. ...
  2. 277. Lewis Johnson

    (1851-1940). Minister, administrator. He was born at Nyborre, on the island of Moen, Denmark, and came to the United States in 1869, settling in Boone County, Iowa. ...
  3. 278. Sarepta Henry

    (1839-1900). Writer, temperance worker, one of the early leaders of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, Seventh-day Adventist leader in women’s work. ...
  4. 279. John Burden

    (1862-1942). Administrator. Beginning at 9 years of age he showed a deep interest and regard for the writings of Ellen G. White, and later was closely associated with Mrs. ...
  5. 280. Maud Boyd

    (1851-1937). Pioneer Bible instructor, colporteur, and the first Seventh-day Adventist woman missionary sent to Europe. ...
  6. 281. William Hyatt

    (1857-1936). Administrator and missionary. He was born at Williamstown, New York, and attended Battle Creek College, where he met Sadie Armitage, whom he married in 1882. ...
  7. 282. Albion Ballenger

    (1861-1921). A one-time Seventh-day Adventist minister, who later apostatized. He was born on a farm near Winslow, Illinois, the son of J. F. Ballenger, an SDA minister. ...
  8. 283. William Sisley

    (1850-1932). Architect and builder. Born in England, he went to America when 14 years of age. He was the architect and builder of the Battle Creek Sanitarium, Union College, Walla Walla College, Keene ...
  9. 284. Herbert Lacey

    (1871-1950). Educator. Born in England, he moved with his family to India, and when 11, to Tasmania, where his family accepted the Seventh-day Adventist faith in 1887. Coming to the United States, he ...
  10. 285. Hattie Andre

    (1865-1952). Missionary, teacher, dean of women. She entered Battle Creek College (1884), but left soon to become a Bible instructor in Ohio. ...
  11. 286. Will Kellogg

    (1860-1951). Cornflakes manufacturer. He was born in Battle Creek, Michigan, the seventh son of John P. Kellogg, and brother of Drs. M. G. and J. H. Kellogg. ...
  12. 287. William Baker

    (1858-1933). Iowa-born teacher and evangelist. He was connected with the publishing work at the Pacific Press (1882) and in Australia (1887). ...
  13. 288. Albert Piper

    (1875-1956). Missionary and administrator for nearly 60 years. Born in New Zealand, he received his ministerial training at Australasian Missionary College, where he lived in the home of Ellen White f ...
  14. 289. Daniel Kress

    KRESS, DANIEL HARTMAN (1862-1956) and LAURETTA (EBY) (1863-1955). Physicians. Kress was born in Ontario, Canada, and Lauretta in Michigan. ...
  15. 290. Daniel Kress

    (1862-1956) and LAURETTA (EBY) (1863-1955). Physicians. Kress was born in Ontario, Canada, and Lauretta in Michigan. ...
  16. 291. Clarence Crisler

    (1877-1936). Secretary, mission administrator. He was born in Brooklyn, Iowa, and was reared in a Seventh-day Adventist home, his parents having accepted the SDA faith when he was 5 years old. ...
  17. 292. Sarah Peck

    (1868-1968). Educator, writer, missionary. A native of Wisconsin, she received her education at Battle Creek College and was one of the church’s first women missionaries to Africa, where she opened ...
  18. 293. N. Faulkhead

    Treasurer of the publishing house in Australia.
  19. 294. Marion Cady

    (1866-1948). Educator and author. A graduate of Battle Creek College (1893), he became head of the Science Department at Union College (1894-1898), president of Healdsburg College (1899-1903), and of ...
  20. 295. Walter Knox

    (1858-1931). Administrator, General Conference treasurer. He was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. At the age of 21 he was converted and joined the Methodist Church. ...
  21. 296. Eliza Morton

    (1852-1916). Teacher, writer. She began her teaching career at the age of 16 and devoted to it half of her life, at first teaching in the public schools of her native Maine, and later, between 1880 an ...
  22. 297. Henry Nichols

    (1828 - 1917). Son of Otis Nichols.
  23. 298. Olney Place

    (1860-1926). Pioneer Seventh-day Adventist medical missionary to India, founder of Boulder Sanitarium. ...
  24. 299. William Holden

    (1873-1955). Physician, administrator. Educated at Battle Creek College, the University of Michigan, and Rush Medical College, he received his M.D. degree in 1897. ...
  25. 300. D. E. Robinson

    (1879-1957). Secretary, compiler, editor. He was born in Washington, New Hampshire, the second son of Asa T. and Loretta Farnsworth Robinson. ...


Robert Hare

Lewis Johnson

Sarepta Henry

John Burden

Maud Boyd

William Hyatt

Albion Ballenger

William Sisley

Herbert Lacey

Hattie Andre

Will Kellogg

William Baker

Albert Piper

Daniel Kress

Daniel Kress

Clarence Crisler

Sarah Peck

N. Faulkhead

Marion Cady

Walter Knox

Eliza Morton

Henry Nichols

Olney Place

William Holden

D. E. Robinson