1. 301. Qasid-I-Jadeed

    (1948– ); monthly; in Urdu; mimeographed. Official organ of the Pakistan Union. Supersedes the monthly Pakistan Union Newsletter , which was mimeographed in English.
  2. 302. Quarterly Meetings

    In the early Seventh-day Adventist Church period, beginning about 1861, periodic meetings were held (about once in three months) at which the members of the local church and the surrounding area met f ...
  3. 303. Quarterly Review

    (1929–1942, 1948–1976); quarterly; Euro-Africa Division. The South European Quarterly Review first appeared in April 1929, following the fourth quarter 1928 issue of the Quarterly Review of the Eu ...
  4. 304. Quarterly Review of the European Division

    (1912–1928; 1912–1913 as Quarterly Report of the European Division; 1913–1915 as European Division Conference Review; 1920–1922 as Statistical Report of the European Division; quarterly, in English; E ...
  5. 305. The Rapture

    An expression not used by Seventh-day Adventists but common among other premillennialists, meaning, literally, “the catching up,” or “the taking up,” used in a religious sense of the saints’ being cau ...
  6. 306. Record

    (1898– ; vols. 1–14, 1898–1910 as Union Conference Record ; vols. 15–90, 1911–1985 as Australasian Record ; vols. ...
  7. 307. Reformed Seventh-Day Adventists-Rowenite (1916)

    An offshoot group led by Margaret W. Rowen, who had been a member of a Seventh-day Adventist church in Los Angeles, California. ...
  8. 308. Office of Regional Affairs and Regional Conferences

    The North American Office of Regional Affairs was dissolved in 1978. There was no new office to replace it, for its work was channeled to the regional conferences and the Black Caucus. ...
  9. 309. Religious Liberty (principles and application)

    Religious liberty may be defined as freedom from coercion in religious matters, by way of either compulsion or interference, in respect to one’s choice, profession, or practice of any religion (or no ...
  10. 310. Religious Liberty Association

    A popular name for the several organizations formed by Seventh-day Adventists to promote religious freedom, such as the National Religious Liberty Association (1889–1893), International Religious Libe ...
  11. 311. Religious Liberty Buro

    The name for the Religious Liberty Department appearing in the General Conference minutes, June 4, 1905, and used in the Yearbooks of 1905 through 1909. On June 10, 1909, the General Conference Commit ...
  12. 312. Religious Liberty Library

    (1892–1901?; absorbed the Sentinel Library in 1894; monthly, sometimes quarterly; 2nd series, 1899–1901; incomplete file in RH ). ...
  13. 313. Revelation

    The self-manifestation of God by which His character, will, and presence are disclosed to humanity through the writings of the prophets, through the illumination of the intellect by the Holy Spirit, t ...
  14. 314. Interpretation of Revelation

    The variant interpretations given to the prophecies of the book of Revelation fall into three basic patterns—the preterist, the futurist, and the historical ( see Historicism ). ...
  15. 315. Revista Adventista (Inter-American Division)

    (1974– ; monthly). Official organ of the Inter-American Division for its Spanish-speaking members. Circulation (1993): 42,100. ...
  16. 316. Revista Adventista (Lisbon, Portugal)

    (1934– ; 1934–1938 as Mensageiro do Advento; monthly; files in the GC ). Church paper for the Portuguese Union. ...
  17. 317. Revista Adventita (São Paulo, Brazil)

    (1906– ; Jan. 1906–Oct. 1907 as Revista Trimensal ; Jan. 1908–Feb. 1931 as Revista Mensal ; monthly; files in the GC ). ...
  18. 318. Revista Adventista (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

    (1901– ; monthly; files in the GC ). The church paper serving the Spanish-speaking members in the South American Division. ...
  19. 319. Revue Adventiste

    (1977– ). Official organ of the Inter-American Division for its French-speaking members. The 1993 circulation was 10,000.
  20. 320. Risk and Insurance Management

    A complete professional risk management service provided to denominational administrators by the General Conference. ...
  21. 321. Rolling Clinics

    The name given to mobile medical units that travel the highways of several South American countries. ...
  22. 322. Rural Living

    Living in the country away from large centers of population is generally recognized as being advantageous for promoting physical, mental, and spiritual health and development. ...
  23. 323. Sabbath School Action Units

    A plan introduced to the Sabbath school in 1990. The goal of the Action Units is total involvement of the Sabbath school membership in the outreach program of the church as well as increased fellowshi ...
  24. 324. Sabbath School Department

    In the General Conference, the department that fostered and guided the operation of Sabbath schools, offered training and counsel to officers and teachers, and produced lessons and teaching aids ( see ...
  25. 325. Sabbath School Offerings

    Weekly and special periodic offerings for the worldwide missionary work of the church, and the expense offering for the local Sabbath school received in Sabbath school. ...



Quarterly Meetings

Quarterly Review

Quarterly Review of the European Division

The Rapture


Reformed Seventh-Day Adventists-Rowenite (1916)

Office of Regional Affairs and Regional Conferences

Religious Liberty (principles and application)

Religious Liberty Association

Religious Liberty Buro

Religious Liberty Library


Interpretation of Revelation

Revista Adventista (Inter-American Division)

Revista Adventista (Lisbon, Portugal)

Revista Adventita (São Paulo, Brazil)

Revista Adventista (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Revue Adventiste

Risk and Insurance Management

Rolling Clinics

Rural Living

Sabbath School Action Units

Sabbath School Department

Sabbath School Offerings