1. 476. Board of Regents

    The denominational accrediting body for the academies, colleges, and universities in the world church. ...
  2. 477. Branch Sabbath School

    An evangelistic type of service for the benefit of non-Seventh-day Adventists conducted generally as a branch of an established Sabbath school. ...
  3. 478. Breath of Life

    A television ministry featuring the preaching of the gospel by Charles D. Brooks, general field secretary of the General Conference. Excellent music by dedicated musicians augments each program. ...
  4. 479. Breathe Free: The Plan to Stop Smoking

    A program designed to aid the smoker in developing self-assurance and confidence in the cessation process. ...
  5. 480. British Advent Messenger

    (1897–1935 as Missionary Worker; every two weeks; Stanborough Press; files in GC ). Church paper of the British Union Conference, eight pages, from 1956 to 1981, incorporating each month Youth , eig ...
  6. 481. Calendar Reform

    A change in an existing calendar. The calendar currently in use in most nations, the Gregorian, is the result of a calendar reform in 1582 that corrected two erroneous suppositions of the Julian calen ...
  7. 482. Camping

    Part of the AY recreational and training program. Organized Seventh-day Adventist youth camps began with a junior boys’ camp in the summer of 1926 in Michigan. ...
  8. 483. Canadian Adventist Messenger

    (1932– ; biweekly; weekly before May 2, 1933; supersedes Eastern Canadian Messenger and Western Canadian Tidings; files in GC ). Official organ of the Canadian Union Conference. ...
  9. 484. Caremark Behavioral Health Services

    provides a full spectrum of psychiatric services in the Portland, Oregon, area. Its main offices are located on the campus of Portland Adventist Medical Center. Programs offered include admissions coo ...
  10. 485. Caribbean Union Gleanings

    (1930– ; 1930–1943 as Field Gleanings From the Caribbean Union; monthly; incomplete files in GC ). The official organ of the Caribbean Union Conference, free to constituent church members. ...
  11. 486. Celebrations and Recovery

    Seventh-day Adventists with dependency problems are finding new hope for continuing recovery in a series of weekend spiritual retreats especially for them. ...
  12. 487. Celebration

    (1985– ; monthly; R&H ; March 1995 circulation, 11,043; file in R&H ). A 32-page paper for adult church leaders. Celebration was formally introduced the fourth quarter of 1984 as a pilot publication ...
  13. 488. Central Union Outlook

    (1911–1932; superseded by Central Union Reaper; weekly; files in GC ). A former official organ of the Central Union Conference. It had been preceded, 1902–1904, by Central Advance.
  14. 489. Central Union Reaper

    (1932–1980; superseded the Central Union Outlook and Northern Union Reaper; weekly; circulation was free to constituent members; files in GC ). Official organ of the Central Union Conference. ...
  15. 490. Chan Shun International Foundation

    An international foundation established by Dr. Chan Shun and his sons, Drs. Tom and Caleb Chan, in June 1989. ...
  16. 491. Chapter Exchange

    (1950–1964; vols. 1–6, 1950–1956, four times during the school year, September to May; vols. 7–15 twice a year, irregular; published by the ATS ). ...
  17. 492. Child Dedication

    A custom of presenting infants to the Lord in a simple dedication ceremony during a regular worship service in the church. ...
  18. 493. Christian Educator

    (1897–1899; monthly, 10 months a year; Review and Herald, Battle Creek, Michigan; incomplete file in R&H ). A journal for parents and teachers. Editor: F. W. Howe.
  19. 494. Christian Record Services, Inc. (CRS)

    A multinational, nonprofit corporation that develops, produces, and distributes free publications and services that help meet the educational, recreational, social, and motivational needs of the sight ...
  20. 495. Christology

    That branch of theological study that deals with the person, attributes, and mission of Jesus Christ. ...
  21. 496. Chronology

    Seventh-day Adventists always have been interested in biblical chronology, both historical and prophetic. ...
  22. 497. Church and State

    The Seventh-day Adventist denomination from its very beginning has been a staunch advocate of church-state separation, especially in the United States, where there is clear constitutional provision fo ...
  23. 498. Church Buildings

    Throughout their history Seventh-day Adventists have erected various types of church buildings. The first church in which a group of Adventists became Sabbathkeepers in 1844 was one erected in 1842 or ...
  24. 499. Church Calendar

    Special days designated annually by the General Conference to be observed by the churches for the study or promotion of the work of the various departments of the church, and for the receiving of offe ...
  25. 500. Church Clerk

    A local church officer who is the secretary of all the business meetings of the church, including its board meetings, and keeps up to date the church record book containing a record of these meetings ...


Board of Regents

Branch Sabbath School

Breath of Life

Breathe Free: The Plan to Stop Smoking

British Advent Messenger

Calendar Reform


Canadian Adventist Messenger

Caremark Behavioral Health Services

Caribbean Union Gleanings

Celebrations and Recovery


Central Union Outlook

Central Union Reaper

Chan Shun International Foundation

Chapter Exchange

Child Dedication

Christian Educator

Christian Record Services, Inc. (CRS)



Church and State

Church Buildings

Church Calendar

Church Clerk