1. 551. Effort

    In Seventh-day Adventist evangelistic usage, a word that crept into use as a technical term for a public evangelistic campaign. ...
  2. 552. Elder

    (ordained minister). A title used by Seventh-day Adventists to designate an ordained minister, although “pastor” is more often used. However, “pastor” is also applied to licensed ministers. ...
  3. 553. Encounter

    An eight-page bimonthly published by the Stanborough Press, Ltd., Alma Park, Grantham, Lincolnshire, England.
  4. 554. En Marcha (Spanish)

    Organ of the Colombia-Venezuela Union Mission.
  5. 555. English Language Schools

    A name applied to church-sponsored community schools designed to assist indigenous people to learn the English language, and at the same time to teach them the message of the Seventh-day Adventist Chu ...
  6. 556. Eternal Life

    The life without end promised those who believe in Jesus Christ and receive His saving grace ( John 3:15 , 16 ; Titus 1:2 ; 1 John 5:11 ). ...
  7. 557. Evangelistic Centers

    Institutions designed for big-city evangelism through multiple methods. The program of a center includes youth meetings, welfare activities, cooking schools, and other health education programs, regul ...
  8. 558. Evil (Origin)

    Seventh-day Adventists believe that moral evil originated in heaven prior to the creation of our world, when Lucifer, most exalted of the angels, became jealous of the Son of God and rebelled against ...
  9. 559. Evolution

    Mechanistic Evolution . The theory of organic evolution holds that all living forms in the world, plant and animal, including humanity, are descendants of one or of a few simple organisms, which in tu ...
  10. 560. Faith and Works

    In the NT the believer’s confidence in and acceptance of what Christ has done to make reconciliation with God possible is called faith. ...
  11. 561. Faith for Today

    A religious television ministry sponsored by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. As television rapidly developed, Seventh-day Adventist leaders began to see in this means of mass communication a powerfu ...
  12. 562. The Fall

    The event by which human beings, created in the image of God and ordained to reflect His sinless character, forfeited the state of innocence, incurred the penalty of death, and introduced into the wor ...
  13. 563. Falling of the Stars

    A phrase used of “falling stars,” or meteor showers, especially of the great shower of Leonid meteors seen in America Nov. 12–13, 1833, the most spectacular star shower on record. ...
  14. 564. Far Eastern Division Outlook

    1912– ; 1912–1914 as Newsletter for the Asiatic Division, mimeographed; 1914–1917 as Asiatic Division Mission News; 1917–1924 as Asiatic Division Outlook ; monthly; file in GC ). ...
  15. 565. Field

    (unit of church organization). The name used in some parts of the world for the unit of church organization corresponding to a local conference, a mission, or a section, or a national church; that is, ...
  16. 566. Field Secretary

    General field secretaries of the General Conference are workers elected, in addition to the officers, to serve in carrying the field responsibilities of the General Conference, under the direction of ...
  17. 567. Financial Policies

    The General Conference Executive Committee has from its beginning formulated financial policies to guide it and its subsidiary organizations in the conduct of their activities. ...
  18. 568. First-Day Adventist

    A phrase used loosely by early Seventh-day Adventists to designate any non-Sabbatarian Adventists, that is, any of the other denominations originating from the Millerite movement. ...
  19. 569. First-Day Offering

    A freewill offering (now discontinued) for “foreign mission work” “laid aside [on Sunday] each week at home,” and turned in quarterly through the tract society ( Review and Herald 64:776, Dec. ...
  20. 570. Flood

    The universal deluge described in Gen. 6 to 9 , in which, except for the occupants of the ark, all air-breathing animals of the “dry land” are said to have been destroyed. ...
  21. 571. Foot Washing

    By washing the disciples’ feet when He instituted the ordinance of the Lord’s Supper, Jesus made use of a common practice of the day and gave it spiritual significance ( John 13:1–17 ). ...
  22. 572. Foreknowledge

    The doctrine that God, possessing perfect knowledge, foresees all future events. The Scriptures offer abundant testimony of God’s ability to predict the future, and offer this ability as an evidence ...
  23. 573. Free Will

    The capacity with which the Creator endowed human beings that enables them to make choices as to whether to obey or to disobey God, to be subject to moral law or not to be subject to it. ...
  24. 574. Fundamentalism

    The ultraconservative wing of Protestantism, especially as represented by denominations that rejected, or rose in opposition to, the movement known as Modernism. ...
  25. 575. Gaceta

    (1961– ; quarterly, in Cebuan). Organ of the Central and South Philippine Union missions, a 68-page church gazette issued in the vernacular language for Cebuan-speaking churches.





En Marcha (Spanish)

English Language Schools

Eternal Life

Evangelistic Centers

Evil (Origin)


Faith and Works

Faith for Today

The Fall

Falling of the Stars

Far Eastern Division Outlook


Field Secretary

Financial Policies

First-Day Adventist

First-Day Offering


Foot Washing


Free Will