1. 651. Licentiate / Licensed Minister

    One who has been granted a ministerial license by the conference. He or she is authorized to preach, assist in a spiritual way in any church activities, and lead in missionary work, and especially to ...
  2. 652. Light

    (1951–1994; monthly; file in GC ). Organ of the Northern Europe-West Africa, Northern European, and Trans-European divisions; superseded the Advent Survey, 1929–1941, the publication of which clos ...
  3. 653. Listen

    (subtitled “A Journal of Better Living”) (1948– ; monthly; R&H ; 1994 circulation c. 40,000; file in editorial office). ...
  4. 654. Little Time of Trouble

    A relatively brief time of adversity and persecution immediately prior to the close of human probation. ...
  5. 655. Lord´s Supper

    The symbolic meal Jesus instituted on the night of His betrayal to commemorate His death and to foreshadow His coming kingdom; from the Gr. kuriakon deipnon ( 1 Cor. ...
  6. 656. Loud Cry

    The proclamation of the message of Rev. 18:1–4 , represented as proclaimed by an angel who came “down from heaven, having great power,” and with whose glory “the earth was lightened.” The ph ...
  7. 659. Auditing Service

    An organization that makes a systematic audit of financial records of all organizations in the Seventh-day Adventist body from the local church to the General Conference. From the time the General Con ...
  8. 660. Lifestyle Magazine

    A magazine-format program launched in 1985 by Faith for Today. First known as Christian Lifestyle Magazine, it featured interviews and stories of people who are making a difference by doing. ...
  9. 661. Saint

    A person set apart, or dedicated, to holy use or service ( Heb. qadoÆsh , Aram. qaddéÆsh , Gr. hagios , meaning “holy one,” “one separated,” or “set apart.” The KJV also translates the Heb. ...
  10. 662. Adventist Men

    A men’s service organization that was intended to give direction and strength to church lay leaders, lay preaching, and other lines of Christian service, such as prison ministry, civil defense, and ce ...
  11. 663. Church Ministries Department

    Department created at the 1985 General Conference session in New Orleans, formed from a merger of four former departments and a service of the General Conference (namely, Lay Activities, Sabbath Schoo ...


Licentiate / Licensed Minister



Little Time of Trouble

Lord´s Supper

Loud Cry

Ascension Rock

Resting place of the White Family

Auditing Service

Lifestyle Magazine


Adventist Men

Church Ministries Department