1. 1455. Alfred Semmens

    (1867-1940). Pioneer Seventh-day Adventist medical worker in Australia. Born in Australia, he became a Seventh-day Adventist in 1888 as the result of reading Ellen White’s Great Controversy. ...
  2. 1456. Tha Myaing

    (1874-1954). Minister. A Karen, born of Christian parents in the village of Ah Seh in the delta country of Burma (now Myanmar), he was educated in a Christian village school, and in young manhood beca ...
  3. 1457. Alfredo Aeschlimann

    (1904-1992). Educator, pastor, administrator. A native of Chile, he entered denominational service in the South American Division, where he labored many years. In 1955 he accepted the call of the Inte ...
  4. 1458. Louis Aufranc

    (1842-1906). One of the pioneers of Seventh-day Adventist work in Europe. He was a teacher at a school in Le Locle, Switzerland, when he became acquainted with SDA s through a series of evangelistic m ...
  5. 1459. Samuel Badaut

    (1891-1927). Minister and departmental leader in France. His birth came as a consolation to his parents, a pioneer French Seventh-day Adventist family who previously had lost three children by diphthe ...
  6. 1460. Frederick Brown

    (1860-1899). Pioneer Seventh-day Adventist minister in India. He was a son of a Protestant minister in the state of New York and was dedicated by his parents for service in India in his childhood. ...
  7. 1461. Frederick Jewell

    (1875-1967). Nurse and missionary. A native of Ithaca, New York, he was converted to the Seventh-day Adventist faith at 21 years of age and trained as a nurse at the old Battle Creek Sanitarium. ...
  8. 1462. Conrad Laubhan

    (1838-1923). The earliest Seventh-day Adventist worker in Russia. He was born in a settlement of German colonists at Tscherbakovka, on the Volga River, in Russia. ...
  9. 1463. Marius Raspal

    (1879-1945). French missionary and administrator. In 1903, while serving in the French Army, he accepted the Seventh-day Adventist faith and was baptized. ...
  10. 1464. James Robinson

    (1888-1961). Missionary, educator. In 1910 he married Ina Mae Marcus. After several years of teaching church schools in the United States, he taught at Claremont Union College near Cape Town, South Af ...
  11. 1465. Harry Washburn

    (1872-1952). Educator. After his graduation from Union College (1896) he did secretarial work at the Boulder-Colorado Sanitarium for two years. ...
  12. 1466. Perry De Forest

    (1867-1947). Leader of Seventh-day Adventist medical work in Switzerland. He was born in Canada. Losing his mother at the age of 4, he was placed in a foster home, where he remained until at the age o ...
  13. 1467. Frank Armitage

    (1864-1952). Pioneer missionary to Africa. Born into a Seventh-day Adventist family in Wisconsin, he attended Battle Creek College. In 1884 he married Annie Olsen, sister of O. A. Olsen. ...
  14. 1468. Law Keem

    (1867-1919). Pioneer medical missionary in China. He was born in Kwangtung, China, and in 1882 went to the United States to obtain an education. ...
  15. 1469. George Schubert

    (1869-1943). Evangelist, administrator. He was born in Potsdam, Germany, and in his youth joined the Methodist Church. ...
  16. 1470. Milton Kern

    (1875-1961). Educator and youth leader. He was educated at Union College, Lincoln, Nebraska, and in 1900 married Florence Pierce. For four years, from 1900 to 1904, Kern was head of the Bible and hist ...
  17. 1471. Tazwell Buckner

    (1860-1924). Minister; one of the first Black Seventh-day Adventist workers in the South. Beginning as a self-supporting colporteur in 1890, he established numerous companies of SDA believers througho ...
  18. 1472. Lora Clement

    (1890-1958). Editor. After graduating from Union College in 1908, she became secretary to M. E. Kern in Washington (1908-1911). ...
  19. 1473. Robert Salau

    (1900-1973). Pioneer missionary, teacher, and administrator. Robert Salau was about 20 years old when the Seventh-day Adventist Mission came to his village on Vella Lavella, Solomon Islands, in 1919. ...
  20. 1474. L. Hoopes

    (1859-1925). Educator, editor, missionary. He was educated at the University of Nebraska and taught there and at other schools for several years before accepting the Seventh-day Adventist faith in 188 ...
  21. 1475. J. Cook

    (1804-1874). Baptist minister, Millerite preacher, and editor. After the disappointment in 1844 he joined J. D. ...


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Pussmore Hachalinga

Markus Kutzschbach

Alfred Semmens

Tha Myaing

Alfredo Aeschlimann

Louis Aufranc

Samuel Badaut

Frederick Brown

Frederick Jewell

Conrad Laubhan

Marius Raspal

James Robinson

Harry Washburn

Perry De Forest

Frank Armitage

Law Keem

George Schubert

Milton Kern

Tazwell Buckner

Lora Clement

Robert Salau

L. Hoopes

J. Cook