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Rural schools. Dining hall and the old house.

The right wing of our advance

Miscellaneous schools, Madison

First Takoma Church School

Doremus Union School, Photo by C. W. Ellis, Portland, Ore.

Members of faculty at Piersons school

Willow one. Takoma Park, Mich.

Georgia Sanitarium church school

Loma Linda. Chan Shun Pavilion - Cancer Institute. Coleman Pavilion - School of ...

Miscellaneous School. Madison

Frederikshavn School, Denmark

Rural School Convention, Madison, Tenn.

Walla Walla College

Australian Sanitarium + New Zealand

Sydney Sanitarium, Medical & Surgical Sanitorium, Summerhill

Avondale Health Retreat

Ashfield Sanitarium, EGW there 1897-99

Australian Sanitarium + New Zealand. "We're sending a Card just to greet you; A ...

The Sanitarium Wahroonga Staff

The Sydney Sanitarium Wahroonga

Hydropathic Institute Workers, Apelaide. S.A. - From the left to the right: A. W...

Sydney Sanatorium Wahroonga. Beginning days of Sanitarium at Sydney.

Newcastle Baths (Sanitarium). Turkish bath. Medical Hall

Newspaper-Article "Christchurch Sanatorium"

Newspaper-Article "The Avondale health Retreat"