1. 226. Mildura, Victoria, AU

    Box 97
    Mildura VIC 3500
  2. 227. Oakland, California, US

    1512 Broadway
    Oakland, CA
    United States
  3. 228. Essendon, Victoria, AU

    20 Balmoral Street
    Essendon VIC
  4. 229. Thomasville, North Carolina, US

    Route 3, Box 146
    Thomasville, NC
    United States
  5. 230. Springfield, Oregon, US

    "955 North ""A"" Street"
    Springfield, OR
    United States
  6. 231. Walnut Creek, California, US

    52 Meadow Court
    Walnut Creek, CA
    United States
  7. 232. Lynwood, California, US

    11168 Harris
    Lynwood, CA
    United States
  8. 233. Lumberton, Mississippi, US

    Rt. 2
    Lumberton, MS
    United States
  9. 234. Lumberton, Mississippi, US

    Route 2
    Lumberton, MS
    United States
  10. 235. New Orleans, Louisiana, US

    3500 St. Charles Avenue
    New Orleans, LA
    United States
  11. 236. Hawaiian Mission of S.D.A. (Honolulu, Hawaii, US)

    2258 Nuuanu Avenue, Box 4037
    Honolulu, HI 96812
    United States
  12. 237. Marietta, GE, US

    R.F.D. # 1
    United States
  13. 238. Emmelaw, Washington, US

    R.F.D. 1, Box 125
    Emmelaw, WA
    United States
  14. 239. College Place, Washington, US

    225 West Whitman Drive
    College Place, WA
    United States
  15. 240. Engletown, Oklahoma, US

    Box 218
    Engletown, OK 74734
    United States
  16. 241. Dar Es-Salaam Hospital (Baghdad, IQ)

    (“The House of Peace” Hospital). A general hospital formerly owned and operated by the Middle East Division of the General Conference (from 1946 to 1959) at Baghdad, Iraq. Seventh-day Adventist me ...
    444/1 Rashid Street
  17. 242. Mount Clemens, Michigan, US

    Mount Clemens, MI
    United States
  18. 243. Detroid Lakee, Minnesota, US

    1500 Lynn Avenue
    Detroid Lakee, MN
    United States
  19. 244. Houston 6, Texas, US

    1319 Richmond Avenue
    Houston 6, TX
    United States
  20. 245. Lancaster, Pennsylvania, US

    315 Washington Street
    Lancaster, PA
    United States
  21. 246. Lander, Wyoming, US

    605 Cliff Street
    Lander, WY 82520
    United States
  22. 247. Arlington, California, US

    11514 Flower Street
    Arlington, CA
    United States
  23. 248. Taswell, Indiana, US

    Taswell, IN
    United States
  24. 249. GE-Cumberland Conference of SDA (Decatur, GE, US)

    Post Office Box 1400
    Decatur, 30031
    United States
  25. 250. Berkshire, New York, US

    Berkshire, NY
    United States


Mildura, Victoria, AU

Oakland, California, US

Essendon, Victoria, AU

Thomasville, North Carolina, US

Springfield, Oregon, US

Walnut Creek, California, US

Lynwood, California, US

Lumberton, Mississippi, US

Lumberton, Mississippi, US

New Orleans, Louisiana, US

Hawaiian Mission of S.D.A. (Honolulu, Hawaii, US)

Marietta, GE, US

Emmelaw, Washington, US

College Place, Washington, US

Engletown, Oklahoma, US

Dar Es-Salaam Hospital (Baghdad, IQ)

Mount Clemens, Michigan, US

Detroid Lakee, Minnesota, US

Houston 6, Texas, US

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, US

Lander, Wyoming, US

Arlington, California, US

Taswell, Indiana, US

GE-Cumberland Conference of SDA (Decatur, GE, US)

Berkshire, New York, US